Message from the Chair

2019-2020 Chair Shauna Graves-Robertson

“Celebrating Our Legacy While Continuing to Make History”

Headshot Judicial Small“TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE.” It is with a humble heart and a desire to serve that I take the reigns as the 49th Chair of the Judicial Council of the Nation Bar Association.

I offer thanks and appreciation to the many members of the council who have put your confidence and trust in my ability to lead this great organization, that we all love so dearly. I pledge to lead the Council with honesty, integrity, perseverance, and decisiveness. In general, I present to you the best that I have. More specifically, I give to you my heart, for it is from the heart that all our actions flow.

I am particularly grateful to follow a long line of superb chairs including The Honorable Luke LaVergne, Retired. Judge LaVergne is to be congratulated for the work he completed as the 48th Chair and the many years of service he gave as the Judicial Council Treasurer. He is the epitome of a servant leader.

I ran my campaign on a message of celebrating family. We are a talented group of people who are making history every day locally, regionally nationally and internationally. I am asking each one of you to allow the council to showcase your efforts and use your skills to advance our legacy; for we are one body but many members. I ask you to consider serving on a committee or working on an event during 2019-2020. With your help, I am confident we can accomplish my three primary goals; increasing, sustaining and caring for the Judicial Family. I hope to increase our family with a robust membership campaign, continued youth outreach and an eye toward the 2020 election season. We will sustain our family by offering programs and activities that are meaningful and expose our family to new and different experiences.  Lastly, we will care for our family by expanding our Memorial Good and Welfare activities. It appears that natural disasters and devastation are becoming commonplace.  We want our members to be prepared. We also want them to know we are there for them in times of trouble.  To capture my year as chair I have chosen the theme “Celebrating our Legacy While Continuing to Make History.”

Lastly, I invite you, your families and friends to join us as we return to the Motherland of Africa for our Mid-Winter meeting. We will convene in South Africa on January 27-February 6, 2020. We will be involved in educational sessions with both South African and North American Judges and Lawyers. To express our joint efforts, we have chosen a meeting theme of “Working in Unity to Advance Global Justice.”

Again, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do, “To Celebrate our Legacy While Continuing to Make History”

Judge Shauna Graves-Robertson
49th Chair of the NBA Judicial Council