Membership: Continuing Our Legacy


Over 40 years and counting… Be a part of our impact!

The Membership Committee launched the 2012-2013 Membership Drive at the 87th Annual Convention & Exhibits in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Committee—headed by co-chairs, Judge Diana Becton and Financial Secretary, Judge Randa Trapp—is pleased to offer a one-week stay at a luxurious resort, and paid registration for the 2013 Annual Meeting, for the First and Second prizes respectively.

The Membership Drive culminates a charge given to the Membership Committee by our Chair, The Honorable Yvette Mansfield Alexander, to find new and innovative ways to increase membership. At the Mid-Year Meeting in Tampa, Florida, at a special reception held for the Judicial Council, Judge Ben Logan and Judge Emerson Thompson provided an opportunity to contact many of the local judges and invite them to become members.

At the 87th Annual Convention & Exhibits in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Membership Committee will launch the 2012-2013 Membership Drive. The Membership Committee will also hold a Welcome Reception for first time attendees and new members in the Chair’s Suite on Monday evening, July 16, 2012, immediate following the Chair’s Reception.

The Membership Drive is open to all members.

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