Message from the Chair

2016-2017 Chair Hardwick

“Continuing Our Legacy of Leadership Beyond the Courthouse”


Judge John Henry England, Jr., installs the Honorable Johnny Hardwick while his wife, Attorney Tommie Hardwick, holds the Bible.

unnamed-2 For a person who grew up in Public Housing in Montgomery, Alabama, to become the 46th Chair of the Judicial Council of the National Bar Association is a testament to the awesome and mighty power of God. I give honor and praise to God for his amazing Grace!

Many thanks to the Members of the Judicial Council for your trust and confidence in my ability to lead the organization which you love and revere. I pledge to serve the members of this esteemed organization to the best of my ability. I promise you the utmost respect and collegiality as dictated by the founding principles upon which this organization stands.

I congratulate Past-Chair Murray for his service and leadership during his tenure as the 45th Chair of the Council. Likewise, thanks to all who assisted Past-Chair Murray in rendering service to the Judicial Council. Please know that I am fully aware of the depth of your love and regard for the NBA and the Judicial Council.

As we embark upon the upcoming year, it is my hope that you will continue to demonstrate your love for our wonderful organization by serving in the future as you have done in the past. We stand on the brink of significant promises, opportunities and challenges as we face the upcoming year. I have no doubt that we will rise to these challenges and anything else that may come our way. The Judicial Council is blessed with tremendous talent as witnessed by the accomplishments each of us has already achieved and continues to achieve by our willingness to use our God given gifts. Remember, “To whom much is given much is required.”

As a nation we are confronted with very serious issues and challenges in our judicial system, law enforcement agencies and communities. The founders of the Judicial Council were also beset by very grave issues; however, through mutual respect and having the best interests of all citizens in mind they were able to fashion solutions that serve us well to this day! Our founders exhibited courage in times of difficulty, relied on their leadership skills, and fought against that which sought to block a better future for us in this country.

Therefore, with their accomplishments at the forefront of our minds, our theme for this year is “Continuing Our Legacy of Leadership Beyond the Courthouse.” This theme will be our “North Star” to guide us as we work to improve our Communities. Our theme cannot and will not be mere words but the bedrock of our efforts this year! By drawing upon our unique and distinct legacy, it is my hope to place the Judicial Council in the forefront of “Leadership Development” around the nation.

We will begin by instituting a program to provide leadership training to Board Members and Officers of the Judicial Council. This training will enhance the performance of our duties in accordance with our By-Laws. In addition, those who will seek to lead us in future will benefit from this Leadership Development Initiative. More importantly, the Leadership Development Initiative will reach out into the Community to provide leadership training to up and coming young leaders in disadvantaged communities around the nation. The Leadership Initiative will facilitate the process of collaboration and networking with other partners to address issues in our communities.

Work has already begun to move the program forward! The Judicial Council, with your guidance, assistance and support will leave an endearing legacy of service for generations to come. The task is laid before us! The time is now! We must do it because we can! If we don’t, then who will? There is no better time than now. I believe we are the best to do it!

This is our 45th year; with your involvement and support, we will have a remarkable 45th Judicial Council Anniversary Celebration! We have ordered lapel pens for those who would like a memento. We think it is very significant that our Founders created such an organization that has stood the test of time. We have the burden of sustaining it and the duty of preserving it for future generations. Let us do an outstanding job of celebrating a glorious gift!

We will continue to build upon activities, events and programs that are the hallmark of this organization. Come join us for what promises to be a trend setting Legacy!

If each and every member dedicates him or herself to using his/her unique blend of God given talents to enhance this Judicial Council, what a powerful force for progress and change we will be!

Thank you again for you continuous support!
Johnny Hardwick