Message from the Chair

2018-2019 Chair Luke A. LaVergne

Judge Luke

“Continuing the Legacy of Equal Justice Under Law”

To my Sisters and Brothers of the Bench and to my fellow Lawyers of the NBA, greetings and salutations. I am humbled and honored to accept the reigns of this august body of Jurists, for it is such an important task to lead this body as we continue the legacy of “Equal Justice under Law.”

We will embark on my year with a collaborative and joint effort with the American Judges Association to explore ways, means, and efforts to lessen the impact of unequal justice, and to engage efforts to ensure more diverse benches everywhere.

We will next travel to Panama in January 2019 for the NBA Judicial Council Mid-Winter Conference which will be held at the fabulous Hard Rock Hotel and Casino from January 15-20, 2019. We are planning for an over-the-top conference with superb relevant and timely seminars, as well as fun events and tours. So, set aside those dates to join us in Panama.

Now, as we near the two decades mark of the 21st century, we find that the quest for equal justice for all Americans continues to elude us. As jurists it is incumbent on all of us to stay the course, to stand as stalwarts in the legal profession to continue our legacy of “Equal Justice Under Law.”

For more than forty-seven years, we have been in the forefront of the fight for justice, and the work is not done because there are forces in this country that are trying to turn back the clock. We cannot and will not allow those forces to prevail without a fight. We have the power of the gavel and in unity we can win the war against disparate treatment in the administration of justice.

My fellow colleagues I say to you as the queen ant said to her nest, when the golfer kept striking the ant pile rather than hit the ball, “We better get on the ball.” So, let’s get to work.

Hon. Luke A. LaVergne
2018-2019 NBA Judicial Council Chair, Judge Retired