Judicial Council Committees

Ad Hoc Committee on NBA/Judicial Council Financial Policy

Hon. M. Lynn Sherrod, Chair

Annual Convention Committee

Hon. Sandra Hemphill & Hon. Rodney Smith

Awards Committee

Hon. Craig Walker, Chair

Budget, FINANCE & AUDIT Committee

Hon. Linwood Foust & Hon. Harrison Gregg, Jr.

BY-LAWS Committee

Hon. Robert Rucker, Chair

Communications & Newsletter Committee

Hon. June C. McKinney, Chair

Host Committee

Hon. Angelique Reed & Hon. Harry Cantrell, Jr.

Law Students Internship Committee

Hon. Marguerite Downing, Chair

Leadership Development Committee

Hon. Johnny Hardwick, Chair

Long Range Planning Committee

Hon. Johnny Hardwick, Chair

Membership Committee

Hon. Emerson Thompson, Chair

Memorial/Good and Welfare

Hon. Freddena Lyle & Hon. Bonita Coleman

Mid-Winter Committee

Hon. Earnestine Hunt Dorse & Hon. Harrison Gregg, Jr.

Nominations AND ELECTIONS Committee

Hon. Harry Cantrell, Jr., Chair

Past Chairs Committee

Hon. Jonny Hardwick, Chair

Professional Grievance Committee


Program & Education Committee

Hon. Bernice Donald, Chair

Resolutions and Public Relations Committee

Hon. Cenceria Edwards, Chair

Resources, Friends, & Sponsors Committee

Hon. Monte Watkins, Chair

Thurgood Marshall Luncheon Committee

Hon. Sheva Sims & Hon. Arlene Gordon-Oliver

Youth Outreach Committee

Hon. Herman Marable, Chair